Spinach cream with crunchy crumbled Gran Moravia

Spinaches are rich in iron and vitamines and Gran Moravia aged cheese is rich in calcium and proteins… This is a good dish in every way: healthy, tasty and with a special crunchy touch thanks to the Gran Moravia Cri Cri.

Spaghetti alla Carbonara

This is the original recipe to prepare Carbonara spaghetti, one of the most famous Italian pasta, typical of the Roman culinary tradition.

pizza twist

Pizza Twist

Are you a real pizza lover? Then you have definitely to try this delish version….
Super easy and super yummy!

cheese gnocchi gratin

Gran Moravia cheese gratin Gnocchi

Gnocchi: very ancient and popular recipe, this variation is made with Gran Moravia hard cheese and then enriched with bechamel and browned in the oven for a perfect gratin. Ideal if you want some warm dish for winter time.


Creamy Pumpkin Soup

One of Fall’s favorites: creamy pumpkin soup with prosciutto or zucchini slices and a sprinkle of Gran Moravia shavings.


Cheesy Grissini

Cheesy grissini is a crunchy and yummy snack, perfect for your aperitivo together with a glass of prosecco.