If you want to exalt the taste of your dishes, there is one secret ingredient you should use into your cheese recipes: Gran Moravia hard cheese!

Delight yourself browsing the cheese recipes proposed in this section. If you want to get inspired by the Italian traditional cuisine, between these cheesy recipes you will find the right one for any occasion: from aperitivo, to dessert, through antipasti and main courses.

The protagonist, the secret ingredient, the special trick of all these recipes is one and only: Gran Moravia hard cheese. The taste of this cheese will enhance every recipe thanks to the long maturation of the cheese. It is delicious, healthy and nourishing, vegetarian and including it on your diet you can lower your water footprint (find out why and how here).


Spinach cream with crunchy crumbled Gran Moravia

Spinaches are rich in iron and vitamines and Gran Moravia aged cheese is rich in calcium and proteins… This is a good dish in every way: healthy, tasty and with a special crunchy touch thanks to the Gran Moravia Cri Cri.


Creamy Pumpkin Soup

One of Fall’s favorites: creamy pumpkin soup with prosciutto or zucchini slices and a sprinkle of Gran Moravia shavings.