The artisanal cheese-making tradition meets a greater green project

Brazzale, the oldest Italian dairy company now at its eighth generation, produces and trades cheese and butter since 1784 and has created an innovative agri-food supply chain in Moravia, the fabulous and pure region that stretches between Wien and Prague.

Here Brazzale produces Gran Moravia, the long-aged cheese perfect both as a table cheese and for grating, created artisanally inside copper vats following the traditional techniques of Italian hard cheeses, developed over the years thanks to the art and the sensitivity of the best Italian dairymen. In the cheese factory in Litovel, the best sides of tradition and technology are brought together. This project is not only the fulfillment of an entrepreneurial dream, but also an answer to consumers’ growing attention on companies’ Social Responsibility and their demand of products which at the same time are good, affordable and environment-respectful.

The supply chain consists of a network of more than 75 farms, directly coordinated by Brazzale technical staff. This network counts more than 80.000 hectares of cultivated lands and almost 17.000 dairy cows: 4,5 hectares of ground for each cow. The cattle is selected to obtain the finest proteins and the best milk for cheese production. The large allocation of land allows farmers to feed cows with fodder grown directly on their own ground. The count of nitrate per hectare is several times lower than the limits that EU has set to protect groundwater. The cattle lives in an environment that has the highest standard of ethics and animal welfare.

The natural rainfall of the region allows the farms to not use artificial irrigation, leading to a great saving in terms of sweet water and fuel, avoiding fodder contamination.

The superior quality of the supply chain is reflected on the characteristics of the finished product: there is no aflatoxin contamination and the “closed cycle” system allows a constant and immediate traceability of each phase. The Italian technical staff constantly advises the optimal choices to select the finest fodder and grants the high quality of the milk.