Gran Moravia: The first cheese in the world to set its Water Footprint. A record result.

The Water Footprint of Gran Moravia is only 2.094 lt/kg per product, as measured by DNV Business Assurance. This count is less than the half of other cheeses’ water footprint, according to “”.

water footprint food pyramid
water footprint pyramid for different food

The artisanal cheese-making tradition meets a greater green project

This record result comes from the suitable weather conditions of the Moravia region and from the water saving practices adopted by the “Eco-Sustainable chain”. In the cheese production plant (grey water) all the techniques of recycling and recovery are adopted. In the farms (blue water) the fodder is grown without artificial irrigation, in fact in Moravia region the natural humidity is sufficient for a regular growth of the crop, even during summer time. The result is that for Gran Moravia hard cheese “blue water” is only 72 lt/kg.

The Water footprint of a product is equal to the quantity of sweet water required to produce it.

The result is obtained by the sum of:


it is rain water, it comes from the natural cycle and has low impact on the environment.


it is surface water – rivers and lakes –  or water coming from the underground – groundwater – used in the process cycle. It is the water used for the artificial irrigation in agriculture. The use of “blue water” has a remarkable impact on the environment. Therefore the main concern for the future of food processing businesses is to reduce the consumption of “blue water”. In order to reach this goal the market must be oriented towards those products that comes from more suitable climatic areas and that are characterized by low “water intensity”. It’s the high saving of “blue water” that allows Gran Moravia to present a record “water footprint”.


it is the water necessary to dilute the polluting factors generated by the productive process.

Through our diet we can influence water consumption and “virtual transfer of water”. The choice of Gran Moravia cheese in the daily diet, without discarding other animal protein nutrients and by taking them in turns, allows you to greatly diminish your water footprint while enjoying a rich and complete diet.

Example of Water Footprint in different menus