Gran Moravia is a hard cheese which represents a healthy food rich in nutrients: it is rich in protein, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. And  therefore it is recommended in a healthy daily diet.

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Gran Moravia aged cheese:

Is lactose-free

Gran Moravia aged cheese  is well-tolerated  even by those who suffer of lactose intolerance. Lactose in hard cheeses such as Gran Moravia is absent, thanks to  its production and its long curing and can therefore be eaten by those suffering of lactose intolerance.

Has a limited quantity of cholesterol

Inside Gran Moravia cheese there is a limited quantity of cholesterol: On 100 g of cheese we have about 95-98 milligrams of cholesterol.

Contains vitamins and minerals, a precious source for health

Gran Moravia is a cheese with a high content of fat-soluble vitamins (vitamins A – D – K – E) and a number of minerals.

Is source of Vitamin D

In particular, this hard cheese contains vitamin D and it gives a significant contribution of this vitamin. Vitamin D exerts significant action on the metabolism of calcium and bones. Doing so, it improves the conditions of the bone metabolism against osteoporosis and osteopenia.

Is rich in Calcium

Vitamin D goes very well with the calcium that is present in Gran Moravia aged cheese. Generally 100 g of hard cheese contains about 1 gram of calcium. Calcium is an important mineral for every age: for children who have to grow, for teenagers, for women during pregnancy and lactation, for women in menopause and for  elderly people.

Is source of Vitamin A

Inside the hard cheese is also vitamin A. Vitamin D and vitamin A interact protecting our cells and by acting on adipocytes, i.e. the cells that store fat,  helping adipocytes to unload their accumulation of fat and thus allowing to maintain a target weight and stay healthy.


… Health is in your daily dish!

Gran Moravia constitutes a healthy food rich in nutrients: it is rich in proteins, specific fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. It should be added to a healthy daily diet.

We can determine its contribution through the choice of the daily dose. The optimum amount is as follows:

One dose per meal, lunch or dinner, 50 g

One dose as a snack during the day to 20 g

A tablespoon of grated cheese amounted to 10 g

For a total of 80 g of Gran Moravia/day.

Through these measured doses you can get the contribution of proteins, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that your body needs.

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